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January 2021
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Sitting down at SOMA downtown grill in Phillipsburg, NJ to talk about the reviled USA Presidential race.

Direct download: Episode2316-20The20Great20201620USA20Presidential20Round20Table20.mp3
Category:Podcast Show -- posted at: 9:26pm EST

Just in time for your Christmas festivities, we offer up this Charles Dickens Holiday classic "A Christmas Carol," as portayed the amazing Bleecker St. Players.

Direct download: Episode2315-20A20Christmas20Carol.mp3
Category:Podcast Show -- posted at: 11:56am EST

Chris Poh of The American Public House Review sits in as guest host for this in depth discussion with the Doylestown Brewing Company about the history of and current trends in quality craft brewing.

Direct download: Episode2314-20Doylestown20Brewing20Co.mp3
Category:Podcast Show -- posted at: 2:18pm EST

An interview with the Iconoclastic, working artist and College Professor.

Direct download: Episode2313-20Tracy20DiTolla-20Artist.mp3
Category:Podcast Show -- posted at: 7:40pm EST

A conversation with Dr. Anna Massimo, who grew up in Soviet Russia controlled Bulgaria, and became part of the last generation to pass through the iron curtain for a life in the west.

Direct download: Episode12-_Dr_Anna_Massimo.mp3
Category:Podcast Show -- posted at: 10:55am EST

A great conversation with American Poet, BJ Ward,  a true "Everyman's Poet."

Direct download: Episode2311-20Fanfare20for20the20Uncommon20Poet2028revised29.mp3
Category:Podcast Show -- posted at: 5:02pm EST

Here at the Old Sheepdog Pub, we take our integrity seriously. After having reviewed the recently- released Episode#11, we found production flaws that detracted from the show, and the amazing talents of our guest. Because of this, we have pulled the show from all social media, and will be pulling it from iTunes as well. In placed of it, we will be releasing a "Revised" Episode#11 that we hope delivers the quality of content we have come to be known for. Thanks for your amazing support for our show.- Cheers!

Category:Announcement -- posted at: 4:47pm EST

Serving as a Part two of my latest chat with the American Public House Review Guys that started in Episode#10, this Episode proves that you can mix conspiracy theory, legends, and re-defined social conventions into a night of interesting conversation while adding a touch of introspection for good measure.

Direct download: Episode2310-20Bigfoot20and20the20Legend20of20Stay20at20Home20Dads.mp3
Category:Podcast Show -- posted at: 8:33am EST

The history of UFOs goes back to the beginning of recorded time. It's a narrative that seldom changes between languages, or cultures….. but always evokes equal parts skepticism and true belief.

Direct download: Episode9-_UFOs__Better_Living_through_Paranoia.mp3
Category:Podcast Show -- posted at: 9:44pm EST

Recorded at Delahanty's Tavern on the Square, this week we sit down with the creative minds behind The American Public House Review. It's a trip into the weeds with a rowdy group of true publicans that keep this host on his toes.


What happens when the kid next door decides to become a priest? Find out, as we talk to Catholic priest, Fr. Claude Stephenson about his journey into the priest hood, what life is really like as modern, Catholic clergy, and why the Yankees should never have torn down "the house that Ruth built."

Direct download: Episode237-20Working20for20God-20A20Catholic20Priest27s20Life.mp3
Category:Podcast Show -- posted at: 7:08pm EST

Keep all the great shows with you, wherever you go, by subscribing to our podcast!

We are available on iTunes, Stitcher, and PlayerFM for both mobile and web- based listening, Podcast Adict for Kindle, Podcast Republic, Pocket Casts and all other Android pod- casting apps, and currently on Podcast Pro+ for Windows Phone.

subscribe today, and keep a little bit of the Old Sheepdog pub with you throughout your work day!

Category:Announcement -- posted at: 8:55am EST

In celebration of the special day, We humbly offer this Musical episode to enjoy with your favorite Irish fare of the day, or ease you through your work day. Slainte`!

Direct download: Episode236-20St20Patricks20Day20Hooley.mp3
Category:Special Shows -- posted at: 1:44pm EST

How does someone receive "the calling," and what happens after that? On our next show, we talk to a Roman Catholic Priest about the diverging road that leads to higher ground, the path to becoming a parish priest, the humanistic side of how that affects every aspect of a daily life, and why the Yankees had no business tearing down "The House that Ruth built, and why that ultimately killed his love of the team.

Category:Announcement -- posted at: 10:50am EST

One of the hottest topics in the past decade, with a bevy of shows, gracing multiple channels and platforms across all our devices, the paranormal has moved from hushed conversations to mainstream media attention. 

Direct download: Episode235-20Paranormal20Research.mp3
Category:Podcast Show -- posted at: 10:50pm EST

The Barfly Confessional has gone to the dogs, as we spend an evening, talking with Pat Miller, co- owner of "Four Paws Playground," a game- changing Dog destination for Daycare, Training, and boarding, based in Northwestern New Jersey. 

Direct download: Episode23204-20Its20a20Dogs20Life.mp3
Category:Podcast Show -- posted at: 1:24pm EST

Just listened to Episode# 039 of "the Feed," by Libsyn, last night. It's a solid listen for anyone either insteresting in podcasting, or looking to get to the next level of technical savvy on their podcasts. Libysn is the oldest and largest podcast hosting company, and as such has a amassed a wealth of knowledge about the medium and their show, "The feed" offers a lot of solid insights into the back-end of podcasting.

Whether you are a podcast addict, like me, or just interested in the process, check out this great show. check them out here


Category:Tips N Suggestions -- posted at: 9:28am EST

We have been added to the great, new podcasting app, "Player FM," so feel free to check it out. The genius of Player FM is its ability to be used as a podcasting app on your phone, tablet, computer, shared through Chromecast to your TV and entertainment system, as well as shareed out to anyone and anywhere you want.

Are you listening on a Mircosoft Windows phone? I am happy to report that we can be listened to on Podcast Pro+. Other windows phone podcasting apps are coming along. Let us know if you have a favorite podcasting app you want us added to, and we'll make it happen. 

As always, you can check out our show using the "Libsyn Inline player" on our Facebook page, through our twitter account link, off ourBarfly Confessional website, and if you want to get all the episodes automatically, subscribe to our show on iTunes, Stictcher, and a myriad of pod- casting apps for Android, and Windows Phones.

Coming up next week on the show- we'll be talking "reinvention of careers" and how a couple left the Tech world to tackle the world of Canine Training, positive training for aggressive dogs, and creating a truly innovative place for dogs to play and stay, whether that be just for the day or an extended vacation!

Category:Announcement -- posted at: 12:08pm EST

A Conversation with and glimpse into the ever- creative world of Matthew Ellis, the Genius behind "The Pump Trolley" Artisian toy company. 


A conversation with former Lead Meteorologist for The Space Flight Meteorology Group at NASA, Karl Silverman.

Direct download: Episode23220NASA20a20Meteorologists20Journey.mp3
Category:Podcast Show -- posted at: 10:32am EST

Just in time for the holidays! The doors are finally open at the Old Sheepdog Pub. Charlotte is at the bar pulling pints, and I'm perched in my favorite spot. Stop in for an interesting conversation with therapist, Ilona "Missy" Giordano. It's cold outside, so come on in, and belly The Barfly Confessfional!


Being an avid fan of conversations with interesting people, I listened to the Nerdist podcast today, for the first time. Fantastic interview with Martin Short. The guy is amazingly genuine, and has tons of interesting insights and stories he relates. The show starts off a bit chunky, as the guys are all on mike in one room and making a racket, but the actual interview is clean, and professional. I can't say enough about how much I liked it. check it out on 'the Nerdist podcast."


Category:Tips N Suggestions -- posted at: 10:21am EST

Although those pesky building inspectors have kept the opening of the Pub at bay for the month of November, we are still steaming ahead with plans of opening out doors this December. Keep checking back for updates about our inaugural guest and topics. we're extremely excited and we hope you are as well. So wipe the dust off your stool, slam your pint on the door for entry, and we'll see you at the grand opening!



Category:Announcement -- posted at: 8:44pm EST

Doors open this month, so check back for details on when the show goes live. We are now available through iTunes, Stitcher, and all android podcasting apps. 

Grab your favorite beverage, and stalk out your seat at the bar now!

Category:Announcement -- posted at: 11:14am EST